Keep calm! We will build your website!


We register new domain names or transfer existing domains as part of our packages. We offer our assistance to facilitate the transfer as a value added service. 

If you have a domain registered with us, your yearly renewal fee will be invoiced accordingly per year. 

Just as you have to notify people of a change of address when you move house, you also need to inform the Domain Registrar when you change hosting companies. This ensures that traffic is redirected to your new hosting location and your domain name registration record is updated.

Clients who wish to upload their own content and access their website for blogging, product listings, editing photo galleries etc will be able to do so with a custom login name & FTP password.

Building your first website or looking to find a new online home? Our easy-to-use, hosting packages are the perfect launch pad for your online success. All packages include links to social media if these are required and SSL Certificate.
Please note that if you would like to cancel your website package, you need to notify us 2 months in advance. Sassy Advertising is a Christ empowered company and will not host any illegal products or entities; inappropriate, offensive, pornographic, sexually, explicit or violent.

Email registration
5 GB SSD Storage
5 SSD Databases
100 Mailboxes
100 Email Aliases
10 Multiple Domains
Website design, layout & upload 1-4 pages 
(example: home, about us, services, contact us)

Email registration
10 GB SSD Storage
10 SSD Databases
250 Mailboxes
250 Email Aliases
25 Multiple Domains
Website design, layout, upload 1- 6 pages
(example: home, about us, services, products, photo gallery, contact us)

Email registration
15 GB SSD Storage
20 SSD Databases
500 Mailboxes
500 Email Aliases
50 Multiple Domains
Website design, layout, upload 1- 8 pages
(example: home, about us, services, products, sub category pages, photo gallery, contact us)

Email registration
20 GB SSD Storage
40 SSD Databases
1000 Mailboxes
1000 Email Aliases
75 Multiple Domains
Website design, layout, upload 1- 12 pages
(example: home, about us, services, products, sub category pages, photo gallery, contact us)


HERE ARE SOME OF OUR RECENT WEBSITES THAT WE ARE PROUD TO BRAG WITH: (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress) (wordpress under construction)


Besides the best server-side security features, Sassy makes use of the following website security features:

SuExec software (along with Fcgid) is used to separate hosting accounts hosted on the same server from one another. This ensures that web content belonging to one website cannot be accessed by another website on the same server. The security benefit derived from this is that compromised websites cannot negatively affect other websites hosted on the same server. Fcgid which is used in order to implement SuExec for PHP, provides a dramatic performance improvement for PHP in addition to the security benefits.

Sassy also makes use of ModSecurity which is an open source, cross-platform web application firewall (WAF) module. This module allows us to help protect your website against various cyber attacks. Further to these measures, Sassy also assists with protecting your mailbox, SSH and FTP passwords by blocking IP addresses from which too many failed login attempts originate.